What is Hakku Framework?

Hakku is simple framework that has been made for penetration testing tools. Hakku framework offers simple structure, basic CLI, and useful features for penetration testing tools developing. Hakku is on early stages and may be unstable, so please download the released versions from github or sourceforge, don’t just clone github repository except you don’t want stability, you want to try out latest features, or you just want to develop Hakku. Hakku is under MIT license, in other words you can do what you ever want with the source code.

Screenshots here

Basic features

Hakku framework features basic CLI to load up and run penetration testing tools, simple scripting interface, and python api.


total count of modules: 24

  • apache_users
  • arp_dos
  • arp_monitor
  • arp_spoof
  • bluetooth_pod
  • cloudflare_resolver
  • dhcp_dos
  • dir_scanner
  • dns_spoof
  • email_bomber
  • hostname_resolver
  • mac_spoof
  • mitm
  • network_kill
  • pma_scanner
  • port_scanner
  • proxy_scout
  • whois
  • web_killer
  • web_scout
  • wifi_jammer
  • zip_cracker
  • rar_cracker
  • wordlist_gen

OS support

  • Linux supported, and developed on/for linux
  • OS X support not planned
  • Windows support not planned


Hakku framework itself doesn’t need nothing more than python 3.5, but it’s network scanner requires tcpdump. Hakku includes all python dependencies so you don’t have to install them. All module dependencies are listed below. ethtool, aircrack-ng, ettercap-text-only, dsniff, xterm, driftnet, tcpdump, libnetfilter-queue-dev, python3.5-dev, hcitool, sslstrip, l2ping

Web pages


If you do have any questions etc. about Hakku Framework, then i don’t mind if you send me email.

  • email: 4shadoww0@gmail.com
  • bug reports to github or here: 4shadoww0@gmail.com

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